create a workplace where people want to work

Workers compensation claims for psychological distress are on the rise, with a four fold increase since the mid 1990's says Professor Alan Fels. The World Health Organisation predicts that depression will be the second greatest cause of global disease burden by 2020
What does this mean for your workplace ?



put your organisational values into action

put your organisational values into action

to engage workers physically and psychologically in their work, they need to understand the role they play in the big picture. Organisational values which are understood in terms of how the individual does their work increases the likelihood that they are engaged and more productive.
ISE programs connect employees to the big picture....



strengthen your organisation to be change ready

Change is constant, often essential and usually difficult. People manage change most effectively when they have information, skills, solutions and strategies to incorporate in their day to day lives, rather than being expected to just 'get on with it' (Harvard Business School, 2005). When an astute organisation is experiencing change, they realise it is most cost efficient and effective to retain those employees who have the skills to do the job
Is your workplace change ready ?




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